Team Building

Team Building

Team building is one of the most significant parts of the success achieved by any company and team building skills are essential to make your company make progress. If the employees in the team are not cohesive, then it hinders overall company productivity.

Training Personified are experts in providing your staff with in-house training and off site training opportunities which involve team building activities, promoting skills that play a vital role in binding employees together.

Our workshops are designed to develop a positive feeling in every team member, which will generate a positive attitude and improve teamwork. It is important that each individual on your team feels valued and has the skills to share ideas and participate actively in the success of your company.

Training Personified will give your employees the opportunity to participate in team building activities which promote synergy and give opportunities for every member to become involved.

Training Personified will give your team the skills to work in collaboration, through problem solving, negotiation and team work. Training Personified will enable you to build a team that has strong interpersonal and negotiation skills.

We will promote good relationships between team members, along with the capability to work together towards a unified goal.

Alongside a humanistic approach to training we also follow Tuckman’s theory of team building. Tuckman’s theory states that to become truly effective teams must go through a four stage process which incorporates forming, storming, norming and performing.

By incorporating Tuckman’s theory we are able to teach our delegates the importance of reaching the latter stage of this process to create a harmonious and productive working environment.

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